Sunday, June 11, 2017

Ep 4

Episode 4 is FINALLY done.

Thank god. Man I hate timing. Especially when I have to do it TWICE

Ep 5 is 50% done.

Job hunting was not successful, but I did get a small raise at my main part-time job, and more hours at another. So...I'm putting the job-hunt on hold unless something really good comes up. So I'm re-focusing on subbing  :-) .

Sunday, April 9, 2017


Well, I spoke too soon.

On Thursday my car broke down. Specifically, the brake light went out, the battery died (permanently) and my wonderful dad who came and replaced the two told me my emergency brake is shot & not to park on any hills....So, that took an entire day and some money to fix. The emergency brake is still shot though. I should mention, the full gage and air condition also do not work. *sigh* I need a new car.

On Friday a job I spoke to months ago emailed and asked for a resume and application turned in ASAP if I was still interested. Good news, but that took time.

And today, when I was planning on finishing and uploading episode 4....I discovered that somehow I had DELETED all the timings. Yup, you read that right. My 90% complete episode 4 somehow lost ALL TIMINGS - they're a bunch of zeros. I mean, I did update my version of the program I'm using but what - how -


The epsiode is done but no timings. So, I am currently moving each line, one by one, into a new Japanese sub file with timings. And, of course, recreating all the timing adjusts I did while translating.

So....that's it, right universe? I'm begging. I just want an un-eventful week and a safely completed episode 4. Please????

NOTE  - Epsiode 4 has around 610 lines. I need to move and double check/fix the timing on each line. Usually I check timing as I go, so I don't have an estimate for how long it will take. I've got the first 15 minutes done (roughly 1/3 of the episode), which took over an hour. This is still MUCH faster than re-timing from scratch.

 So, almost there, but I wasn't able to finish tonight :'(

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Weird month

Okay, so I was sick, lost my room mate, tried to find a new place I could afford alone,  convinced my roommate to stay on, interviewed for jobs (never heard back), had a plumbing emergency, thought I'd found a job but it fell through, renewed my lease, found a new temp/as needed position (maybe), and had another sister separate from her husband - she's moving in tomorrow. So... that all happened.


I never stopped subbing, I just got REALLY REALLY slow. lol. It was like an hour ever 3-4 days instead of about 1-2 hours a day. So... #4 is about 90% done and I THINK (crosses fingers) the worst of the crazy is over. I mean, nothing else could happen...right??? The show ended at episode 9, so when 4 is released we'll be almost halfway through.

In good news, the weather has been awesome and I was able to cancel my gym membership and go back to running outside (I only use the gym in the cold dark winter months). Did an easy 5K yesterday. I'm cracking back down down on my diet and exercise - I've decided to finally lose that last 20 lbs that I gained in Japan when I was sick all those years ago. (through healthy eating/exercise I lost 25lbs of it over 2 years, but have plateaued the last year - school, work etc took my focus for a while, so while I didn't gain anything back, I didn't lose either). I have a wedding to attend in May - maybe I'll be the perfectly fit hot chick ;) tee hee.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Still sick, but much better

The interview/screening went well, just waiting to hear from them.

I ended up getting sicker and taking a few days off from work. Probably went back too work too early and have been struggling to kick this cold - it's nothing serious, just a bad cold (hazard of working with kids! :D), but it did take me out of commission for a few days...and worse, made me miss a few runs! :( I have a 5K coming up, and I REALLY want to finally do my first 10K...need to stop missing training days!

Anyways, I'm (almost) better but at least out of bed and subbing again :). So much for catching up last week.... :'(.

Totsuzen #4 is about 80% done. I work tomorrow, then I have 2 days (mostly) off (I work a lot of 3 hour shifts on my "days off") where I can hopefully buckle down and get it done. Thanks for your patience!

Tuesday, February 28, 2017


I'm sick, and I have a job interview today that might hopefully turn into a full-time job WITHOUT an 1+ hour commute. Here's hoping.

Depending on how I feel tonight, I was hoping to get a few hours of subbing in. Didn't get as much done as I'd like over the weekend because I worked extra shifts.

Saturday, February 25, 2017


Totsuzen #4 is at 60% done.

Kimi is 15% done.

Hanakimi is something I do when I need a break from the other two at the moment :D.

No plans to start another drama until these three are finished.

Monday, February 13, 2017


I had a lovely birthday, and come back to find that the wonderful Yae offered to let me use their timed (foreign language) subs for Kimi wa Petto. That will save me a LOT of time, and I am super grateful! So I'll finish up Totsuzen 3 and then get Kimi 1 out.

Saturday, February 11, 2017


It's my birthday, so probably won't sub today :D.

20% done with Tostsuzen #3, 5% into Kimi 1

See you tomorrow~!!

Thursday, February 9, 2017


Episode 2 done, starting episode three. As soon as I have the raw for Kimi wa petto in my hands, I'll start that as well :).

- I have a low quality raw, but no JPN softsubs. I've started Kimi 01, but it's pretty tedious work. Ughhh timing from scratch. Not to mention how much more time it takes to look up words I'm not familiar with without the ability to cut & paste into an online dictionary.

Anyways, I'll probably focus on Totsuzen and do Kimi on the side, so progress there will be a lot slower. If JPN soft subs show up, I'll give it a higher priority.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Quick update

I had a migraine the day before yesterday (a pretty rare occurrence for me, actually - usually only get them once or twice a year),  and I decided to take a "screen break" for a few days - between work and subbing my screen time had gone up A LOT, and I think that might have been part of the trigger. I don't have the best typing posture and my neck/shoulders were super tense, so I got a massage as well and that helped a lot. I'm going to try and make a point of doing more of my subbing at my desktop and not on my laptop, and I think that will help - the keyboard is more ergonomic, and my posture is better at the desk.

Anyways, I'm physically 100% again and back on translating Ep 2 (about 70% done now, so not long).

Friday, February 3, 2017

NEW PROJECT - Kimi wa Petto 2017 (Ep 0/16)

Image result for kimi wa pet 2017
This drama is airing next week - I'll be starting it then. I'll alternate releasing one Totsuzen episode and one Kimi episode - since it usually takes me 3-4 days per episode, I might fall behind the airing schedule a little, but not by a lot. Plus, you'll get 2 dramas! :D


Sumire Iwaya (Noriko Iriyama) works as an editor for a well known newspaper. She is attractive and graduated from a prestigious university.
She goes through a difficult period after being dumped by her boyfriend and getting demoted at work. One day, she picks up a beautiful young man, Takeshi Goda (Jun Shison), out of a box. Takeshi looks like her former pet Momo and Sumire offers to let Takeshi live in her home as her pet (taken from Asia wiki).

NOTE: This project will be slow going. I was going to split my time evenly between this and totsuzen, but without soft subs and with the difficulty finding videos, this will be more of a side project. Still commited, though.


Episode 1 - 15%
Episode 2- 16 - Waiting

Monday, January 30, 2017

Update, future plans, New Project announcement


I'm waiting for ep 2 of Totsuzen, and then I'll start that immediately.

I'm taking the time to edit/qc Hana kimi before posting ep 5 - there are 3 reasons for this. One, there are typos. Two, I have grown as a translator in the last 5 years, and my philosophy on a few things have changed. While I still want to end up with the most authentic, accurate translation I can, "awkward" English for the sake of a "better" translation is something I have completely abandoned. If it's awkward in English, it is NOT a good translation. Also, I have adopted a few formatting standards, such as the hyphens to indicate different speakers - like this:

- Who are you?
- I'm Ashiya

So I'm going back and adding those in, as well as editing lines for length and awkward English. Finally, the 3rd reason. When I translate, I try to make each character's "voice" consistent throughout the drama - how certain words/phrases are translated, etc. Nakatsu is an extreme version of this. he speaks in a very fast, jumbled, slang-y kind of way and it is HARD to translate (though fun). Then there's  Oscar Hajima, who talks in this long, flowery way - I tended to translate him with English majors and Shakespearean actors in mind. Actually, Hana kimi is FULL of characters with very extreme, specific "voices" in the way they speak. I think Sano one of the only characters that speaks in a semi-normal manner. In order to make sure there is consistency throughout all the episodes, I'm paying close attention to the translation choices I made 5 years ago for each character,

For the future....I know this is a lot of translations at once, but....IT'S NOT MY FAULT. See, the powers that be decided to release dramas of two of my top ten manga of all time - in the same month! So...I'm going to be subbing the new Kimi wa Petto as well. This is a 99% certainty - the only reason why I *wouldn't* sub it is if the first episode was so majorly sucky I didn't even want to watch the drama. I don't think that will happen, though - the trailer has me excited.

Over the years, I never completely stopped subbing. I have 2  or 3 movies in process, and a few episodes done of a classic drama I love (hint - it was translated years ago but by a beginner without Japanese subs so there are lines missing/possibly mistranslated - don't get me wrong, I am SO grateful to that new subber all those years ago - I just love the drama and there was justification for new subs). It's based on a manga and has an idol star - can you guess what it is?). These were things I could work on to keep my skills sharp, but not worry about releasing or finishing on a time schedule. Once I wrap up Hana Kimi at least, I might announce what other side projects I'm working on. Or not. I might just post them one day ;P.

Finally, I will eventually go back and re-edit Kimi ni Todoke. I translated it back in my 3rd year of college on Spring Break. I'm still pretty proud of it - I did a pretty good job, and there's not much I'd change even after all these years. There are a few timing issues, some typos, and one or two lines I'd like to edit, I'll be working on that at some point and then re-post it.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Totsuzen desu ga, Ashita Kekkon Shimasu (4/9)


Episode 1 - Timed to AAC-AOZ [clean screen] Timed to Furransu version Timed to AAC-DOA
Episode 2 - AAC-AOZ [Clean Screen] version Timed to Furransu version Timed to AAC-DOA
Episode 3: Episode 3 - AAC-AOZ [Clean Screen] version
Episode 4: Episode 4 - AAC-AOZ [Clean Screen] version
Episode 5: Translation 50%
Episode 6 - 9: Pending

Please do not repost, re-upload, etc, my subs, without permission. Contact me at with any requests - I'll try to respond within  a few days. Thanks!

I'm Back!!!!

I'm Back~!!!!

First, here is episode one of "It's Sudden, but We're Getting Married Tomorrow"

Episode 01

I'll be re-vamping this site soon, and resurrecting a few old projects (Yes, I am finishing HanaKimi).

It's just me, but I'm kinda attached to the name, so I'm keeping Sky Tree.

So....were was I the last 5 or so years? Well, I got sick. REALLY sick. I was sick the entire year I was in Japan. It got so bad they took me to the hospital and the doctor gave me steroid patches for my lungs. I could barely get through my time there, and I just gave up on subbing. No one could figure out why I was sick and why I wasn't getting better until my year was almost up - then I finally figured it out.


There was mold in my tatami. Unseen, silent, deadly mold in my bedroom. Every time I rested to get better, I just got worse.

It took almost 2 years after returning to America to start to feel like myself again. By than, I'd gotten a job as a professional translator (Technical translation) and really didn't want to translate on my time off yet. But after a year of that I realized I really didn't like translating as a career - it's lonely, and rather boring. So, I went back to school. For 2 years, I went to school full time and worked full-time. I got my master's in May, started my new career (working with kids~!!!) and settled in. I run now, and my health is back. I'm happy. So....I started to think about subbing again. I'd been reading in Japanese more lately and got so hooked on a little manga called "Totsuzen desu ga, ashita kekkon shimasu" that I got a subscription to Petit comics. So when I saw there was a drama starting, it felt like the perfect place to start again.

I love subbing, and I love sharing the subs with other fans. This is a world I've lived in for 10 years, and it's important to me. But I'm going to say this once - I am a grown women with a career and a life, and I do this ONLY because I love it. I don't want drama, period. I don't care who subs faster or if there are other dramas I "should" be subbing or if so-and-so starting subbing such-and-such drama first. I sub what I love because I love it, and often because I want to share it with family and friends - you just get to benefit from it. And while I don't need validation from everyone, the occasional "thank you" is nice :).

If you want to use my subs to translate into another language, feel free - but I'd appreciate it if you'd credit me. You can post my links on other sites if you'd like, but please do not re-up them, and DO NOT use them to hardsub. I don't want to get into any even grayer legal areas than just soft-subs alone.

Thanks, and enjoy.

AKA Sky Tree Subs