Friday, January 27, 2017

I'm Back!!!!

I'm Back~!!!!

First, here is episode one of "It's Sudden, but We're Getting Married Tomorrow"

Episode 01

I'll be re-vamping this site soon, and resurrecting a few old projects (Yes, I am finishing HanaKimi).

It's just me, but I'm kinda attached to the name, so I'm keeping Sky Tree.

So....were was I the last 5 or so years? Well, I got sick. REALLY sick. I was sick the entire year I was in Japan. It got so bad they took me to the hospital and the doctor gave me steroid patches for my lungs. I could barely get through my time there, and I just gave up on subbing. No one could figure out why I was sick and why I wasn't getting better until my year was almost up - then I finally figured it out.


There was mold in my tatami. Unseen, silent, deadly mold in my bedroom. Every time I rested to get better, I just got worse.

It took almost 2 years after returning to America to start to feel like myself again. By than, I'd gotten a job as a professional translator (Technical translation) and really didn't want to translate on my time off yet. But after a year of that I realized I really didn't like translating as a career - it's lonely, and rather boring. So, I went back to school. For 2 years, I went to school full time and worked full-time. I got my master's in May, started my new career (working with kids~!!!) and settled in. I run now, and my health is back. I'm happy. So....I started to think about subbing again. I'd been reading in Japanese more lately and got so hooked on a little manga called "Totsuzen desu ga, ashita kekkon shimasu" that I got a subscription to Petit comics. So when I saw there was a drama starting, it felt like the perfect place to start again.

I love subbing, and I love sharing the subs with other fans. This is a world I've lived in for 10 years, and it's important to me. But I'm going to say this once - I am a grown women with a career and a life, and I do this ONLY because I love it. I don't want drama, period. I don't care who subs faster or if there are other dramas I "should" be subbing or if so-and-so starting subbing such-and-such drama first. I sub what I love because I love it, and often because I want to share it with family and friends - you just get to benefit from it. And while I don't need validation from everyone, the occasional "thank you" is nice :).

If you want to use my subs to translate into another language, feel free - but I'd appreciate it if you'd credit me. You can post my links on other sites if you'd like, but please do not re-up them, and DO NOT use them to hardsub. I don't want to get into any even grayer legal areas than just soft-subs alone.

Thanks, and enjoy.

AKA Sky Tree Subs


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  2. Welcome back. In fact, I just got to know you. But I am sorry for your illness and I'm glad you're better Please take care of yourself. I actually do translation but I am translating in English- Turkish. Can I translate my own language? Actually, you do the most troublesome work. That's why we are grateful.

    1. Thank you! It's good to be back :D

      Yes, you can use my subs to translate to Turkish. A quick line of credit on the subs would be appreciated as well, :).

    2. You can be sure I'll do it. ^^

  3. Mold, that evil thing. Left me with asthma and chronic rhinitis. I'm glad you've gotten better!

    Anyway, just dropping by to say thank you for subbing Totsuzen :)

    1. Oh, I hope you get better as well! Yes, it's amazing how much damage mold can do ^^;;. It took my energy for 3 years!!! Not to mention de-railing my original plans to live in Japan for 3-5 years.

      You're welcome! Glad your enjoying it :)

  4. Just stumbled upon your blog looking for the drama. Thanks for all you hard work!