Monday, March 6, 2017

Still sick, but much better

The interview/screening went well, just waiting to hear from them.

I ended up getting sicker and taking a few days off from work. Probably went back too work too early and have been struggling to kick this cold - it's nothing serious, just a bad cold (hazard of working with kids! :D), but it did take me out of commission for a few days...and worse, made me miss a few runs! :( I have a 5K coming up, and I REALLY want to finally do my first 10K...need to stop missing training days!

Anyways, I'm (almost) better but at least out of bed and subbing again :). So much for catching up last week.... :'(.

Totsuzen #4 is about 80% done. I work tomorrow, then I have 2 days (mostly) off (I work a lot of 3 hour shifts on my "days off") where I can hopefully buckle down and get it done. Thanks for your patience!