Saturday, April 1, 2017

Weird month

Okay, so I was sick, lost my room mate, tried to find a new place I could afford alone,  convinced my roommate to stay on, interviewed for jobs (never heard back), had a plumbing emergency, thought I'd found a job but it fell through, renewed my lease, found a new temp/as needed position (maybe), and had another sister separate from her husband - she's moving in tomorrow. So... that all happened.


I never stopped subbing, I just got REALLY REALLY slow. lol. It was like an hour ever 3-4 days instead of about 1-2 hours a day. So... #4 is about 90% done and I THINK (crosses fingers) the worst of the crazy is over. I mean, nothing else could happen...right??? The show ended at episode 9, so when 4 is released we'll be almost halfway through.

In good news, the weather has been awesome and I was able to cancel my gym membership and go back to running outside (I only use the gym in the cold dark winter months). Did an easy 5K yesterday. I'm cracking back down down on my diet and exercise - I've decided to finally lose that last 20 lbs that I gained in Japan when I was sick all those years ago. (through healthy eating/exercise I lost 25lbs of it over 2 years, but have plateaued the last year - school, work etc took my focus for a while, so while I didn't gain anything back, I didn't lose either). I have a wedding to attend in May - maybe I'll be the perfectly fit hot chick ;) tee hee.


  1. Wow, sounds like a crazy month!! Lol Any chance we can get updates on Kimi wa Petto by chance? :D Subs for Totsuzen are done online. :D If they were your subs, THANK YOU! What a lovely drama <3

  2. Hello! No, I'm assuming you're talking about the VIU subs - which are from a viki like site, and from the one episode I checked out, frequently incorrect. So I am finishing Totsuzen :-).
    I started ep 1 of Kimi but was having trouble switching back and forth between the shows, so for right now I'm focusing on Totsuzen and then I'll focus 100% on Kimi.

    In GENERAL (this last episode excepted), an episode takes me 1-2 weeks, depending on how busy I am. So I'm looking at being done with Totsuzen in like 2-3 months. Kimi episodes will take longer due to no soft subs, but I hope not longer than 2-3 weeks each. At 16 episodes, I'm anticipating these and finishing Hanakimi to take up the rest of my year :-)

    1. Please continue with your subs. I looked at the other ones briefly and could not even watch the drama with those subs. They were horrible to say the least.

      Good luck with all your endeavors.

  3. Awesome!! Thank you so much, your projects mean a lot!! :D Will patiently and happily await the subs! :D Thanks again! :D

  4. Is good to know about you :) good luck whit everything